Our storage solutions are ideal if you’re a foreign student coming to live and study in Malta for some months or more. 

You can get all essential needs with you, even if the place you have rented might be a bit restricted. At our storage premises you can store anything you bring with you from home and things you buy while in Malta.

Storage for tourists

Take a break from work and go be a tourist of the world! While you’re away you can leave clear space at home by renting one of our units to store your valuable belongings. We offer such service also to nationals leaving Malta to work abroad for a period of time.

Any stuff you’re looking forward to return to such as your bike, books, your porcelain doll collection, photo albums, small electronics, TV and more, can be stored in our facilities and only you have access to them!

Stop figuring out how and where you’ll store your belongings & rent one of our storages now!

 Choose the storage size you need and book it!

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